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By mAx, Jul 17 2016 04:21PM

Chaco Flip-Flop Sandals are perfect for those people who don't like the extra clacking in their tread. This EcoTread Sandal has an arch support and contoured heel cup which provides excellent functionality. It also possesses a slip resistant design and a polyurethane footbed that enhances the walking experience and reduces foot pain. It is absolutely one of the best flip flops for walking long distances.

By mAx, Jul 8 2016 02:21PM

You know what? I am feeling really excited as I’ve just read a wonderful article on the Internet. It is all about how to lose weight by letting yourself throw up.

Use a Toothbrush

The method which was described in this article is called “toothbrush method”.

I have tried it myself and it actually works!

First, you should is to use a clean toothbrush to put quickly into your mouth until it touches the back of your tongue. Then just redo for some times until you feel the volume of food thrown up is enough.

But overall, you should bear in mind that the most effective way to lose weight is always having healthy diet!!!

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